Tesla's Semi Truck Makes Its Debut on California Highways

Posted on December 20 2022

Tesla is now using its Semi trucks for deliveries in California, with the first batch being delivered to PepsiCo. These electric semi-trucks have a range of 500 miles per charge and were previously advertised at a price of $180,000 for the long range model. In addition to this, the Semi qualifies for a $40,000 federal tax credit and state electric vehicle incentives.

Here are some key points about the Tesla Semi:

  • It has a range of 500 miles per charge with a full load
  • Its exact pricing has not been announced, but it was previously advertised at $180,000 for the long range model
  • It qualifies for a $40,000 federal tax credit and state electric vehicle incentives
  • It makes a distinctive high-pitched noise due to its 1,020 horsepower three-motor drivetrain, which is the same as the one used in the Tesla Model S Plaid sport sedan
  • The company expects to receive 36 trucks by the end of the year, which will be split between its Sacramento Pepsi plant and Modesto Frito-Lay facility.

Overall, the Tesla Semi is an exciting addition to the electric vehicle market and is sure to make a big impact in the world of trucking. Its impressive range and incentives make it a competitive choice for companies looking to switch to electric transportation.

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